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The campaign for an iconic, visionary and transformative Women’s Building, that meets the needs of women, replacing and improving the vital services that were lost when the prison closed, to be built as a living legacy on the site of the former prison.


Healthy communities, with access to facilities and infrastructure, is part of the vision for the Holloway Women’s Building. When HMP Holloway colsed, all the specialist women’s services that went into the prison to help the women were dissapated, with no central place that they could network and provide a holistic approach to helping women, whose issues were often multiple, wide-ranging and complex.

The Holloway Women’s Building is looking to address this vacuum of services by manifesting in an iconic Living Legacy Women’s Building of National importance that serves not only vulnerable and ex-offender women, but all women, whatever their circumstances, their families, and the community at large. What we propose are parts of the building are for general and community use and the further up the building you go, the more specialist and women-only the spaces become, being entirely women-only on the upper floors. This approach will provide meaningful activities in terms of a dedicated art department and space hire for community events, as well as providing a wide range of services that will help heal and empower all women and their families.

We truly believe that this approach will help tackle some of societies current endemic ills; violence against women, gangs, mental health concerns, unemployment and skills shortages. The occupants of the housing on the site will benefit more from a vibrant and inclusive Women’s Building, than they will from cramming as many flats as possible on the site in order to address the singular problem of the housing list.

We want is a Women’s Building that is looking towards a healthy, equitable and creative space for women. A building that meets the needs of women, not a building with inadequate service provision that women have to arrange their lives around to access services when the service providers happen to be able to book space.

Help! Holloway Women’s Building – The Imagination Observatory – Niki Gibbs
No to suppression of women, Yes to the Holloway Women’s Building – The Imagination Observatory – – Niki Gibbs

Visioning a better future – the Centre for Knowledge Equity introduces the Imagination Observatory, Uniting lived, learned and practice experience to create the wisdom necessary to solve the social, economic and environmental challenges of our time.

Latest Posts

2022-October – Demolition of HMP Holloway begins

London Square has no begun the demolition of the former HMP Holloway, seven years since the announcement of the closure of the prison on 25th November 2015. The first building to be demolished as part of the staged development was the Chapel and Education Block, revealing A Block, that looked over an Astro Turf area…

2022 – October – Section 106 for the former Holloway Prison Site

Planning Application reference 2021/3273/FUL Islington Council has produced the section 106 document pertaining to the Former Holloway Prison site, owned by Peabody, now being developed by London Square. The document is issued in .pdf Format of scanned .jpg documents. The community has found this format very unaccessible, and thanks to a committed community member, many…

2022 – February – Peabody’s Legacy Report

In the summer of 2021 Peabody commissioned Roz Currie former manager at Islington Museum and curator of their Echoes of Holloway exhibition to produce a legacy report. The report looks primarily at the physical furnishings that remain in the prison and a few ideas from community members that have been involved in the campaign for…


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